Our Leaders

Philip Smith

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad
Executive Director, Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad

“Malaysia is one of the key growth markets in the Asia Pacific region for Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) as it presents a highly attractive insurance and takaful market, significant economic potential as well as a fairly young and dynamic population. For Zurich to remain competitive in this market, it is essential that we deliver products that have a broad appeal across different customer segments; meeting their needs at the different life stages.

We have grown leaps and bounds since our inception in 2011 and we shall remain focused on our strategies in managing a profitable product mix, enhancing our service touch points as well as expanding our network of distribution partners. With a distinctive position in Malaysia where we offer both conventional insurance as well as takaful solutions under a single brand, we aim to grow rapidly and achieve sustainable growth whilst remaining fully committed to our customers for the long term.”

David Fike

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director,
Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad

“At Zurich, we are determined to help our customers – be it individuals, families, working professionals, SMEs as well as large corporations alike – understand and manage risk in the best possible way. Our brand is simple and clear; one which is associated with financial strength and prudent risk management.

Together with our esteemed agency force, distributors and partners, we will continue to expand our suite of general insurance products to serve our customers in a way that feels personal, efficient, and is uniquely Zurich. We will continue to enhance our technical and digital capabilities to maintain our competitive edge whilst delivering propositions and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Salim Majid Zain

Chief Executive Officer,
Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad

“Being the first Takaful entity within the Zurich Insurance Group, we are in a unique position to contribute to the diversity of the business through our offerings of syariah-compliant products that cater to the broader market segment in Malaysia. We are excited to be able to work hand-in-hand with our sister company, Zurich Insurance Malaysia to extend our product suite as well as distribution capabilities to meet the changing needs of customers.

Together, we will grow Zurich as a trusted brand and partner in Malaysia; creating sustainable values for all our stakeholders. We are confident that the synergy of operational expertise, skills and talents will propel Zurich Takaful to greater heights and further contribute to the development of the Takaful industry.”

Zuhairi Ismail

Chief Executive Officer,
Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad

“We believe that we are well positioned to grow our general takaful business profitably as we push ahead our strategic plans to establish a strong foothold in the local takaful market. Our customers are at the heart of our business and we strive to continuously meet and exceed customers’ expectations by improving our customer experience and investing in innovations that enhance our product propositions.

Zurich’s competitive advantage rests on its global expertise, financial stability as well as the local market knowledge, of which I trust will sustain our position as one of the leading general takaful operators in the country.”

Board of Directors

Shariah Committee

Our Shariah Committee serves both our takaful entities, which are Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad and Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad.
Assoc Prof Dr Md Khalil Ruslan

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Khalil Ruslan


Shariah Committee

Prof Dr Mohamad Abdul Hamid


Shariah Committee

Dr Luqman Haji Abdullah


Shariah Committee

Dr Yusri Mohamad


Shariah Committee

Dr Zulkifli Hasan