MyPolicy@Zurich - FAQ

Q1: Why am I unable to register?
A1: There may be several reasons, please refer to the following:-
  • You may have incorrectly entered your New IC number, Policy number. or you may not have keyed in your Name, Hand Phone number. & Email address.
  • The policy you want to access is not available for online registration, e.g., Group insurance.
  • Your new IC number or Policy number does not match or may not be listed in our records.
  • You are not the applicant of the policy.

Q2: What information should I have in order to register successfully?
A2: Name, new IC number, old IC number (not compulsory), Hand Phone number. /Email address and Policy number.

Q3: Who is eligible to register for MyPolicy@Zurich?
A3: The Policyholder

Q4: I'm having trouble selecting a password. What should I do?
A4: The password must be in alpha numeric format and at least 8 characters long. Your new password and confirmed password must be the same. Example: Wind1988, 012KIngS, 077Super, etc.

Q5: Why does my password have to contain both alphabets and numbers?
A5: By having a combination of alphabets and numbers, you increase the security of your password and minimise the chances of someone else guessing or figuring it out. Make sure you choose a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess!

Q6: I am an existing Zurich website user; why can't I log in?
A6: You may have incorrectly entered your User ID or Password.

Q7: I have a question about registration. Who can I contact?
A7: You may contact our Call Center at 1-300-888-622/ 03-21469999 or send us an email at for assistance.