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Zurich Takaful Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown Assistance

AMA’s 24-Hour Call Centre Hotline Number


For Motor Takaful Comprehensive Certificate Holder, you are entitled to a free enrollment of Car Assistant Program provided by Advance Motor Assist Sdn Bhd (AMA). In the event of Breakdown or Accident, you may contact AMA’s 24-hour call centre hotline number for emergency assistance.

Service Rates Limits

Free service up to maximum distance 50 km or in value of RM200 per case basis and for unlimited number of cases as per membership year. Participants shall pay directly to the attending panel for any exceeding distance (after 50 km) as follows:

  • Day Rate (7:00 am until 7:00 pm)
    First 5 km (RM25.00) and every km thereafter (RM2.50 per km)
  • Night Rate (7:00 pm until 7:00 am)
    First 5 km (RM50.00) and every km thereafter (RM3.20 per km)

24-Hour Emergency Towing and Minor Roadside Repair

In the case of breakdown or accident, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest panel workshop subject to service limit.

  • Minor Roadside repair from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm
    AMA call centre shall arrange the service for minor repair such as jump start, change flat tyre or any other repairs possible in the event of breakdown (subject to service limit). Outside of the free time zone 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, AMA shall arrange the service but Participants shall pay directly to the attending service panel for any cost incurred.
  • Towing Service
    In a case where the Minor Roadside Repair is not feasible to be performed and a towing service is required, AMA call centre shall arrange for towing service to transport the vehicle to the participant’s preferred destination or workshop for further repairs.

Referral to Workshop

AMA call centre will arrange for appointment with or to obtain referral to the nearest workshop available for car servicing or repair. All such costs incurred for the repair and service shall be borne entirely by the participant.

Workshop Referral for Accident Cases

In the event of an accident case, AMA would advise the participant on the procedures to file for a claim. AMA would refer the participant accordingly to panel workshops to avoid unnecessary stalling by non-panel workshop provided the information is sufficient and available to AMA.

Car Rental Assistance

Should the participant require car replacement following a Breakdown or an Accident, AMA will refer and assist the participant in arranging a car rental service. All such costs incurred from the car rental service shall be borne entirely by the participant.

Arrangement of Hotel Accommodation

As a result of a Breakdown or Accident, should a participant require hotel accommodation, AMA shall assist to make reservation and arrangement for hotel accommodation for the Participant. All such costs incurred from the hotel accommodation shall be borne entirely by the participant.

Emergency Message Transmission

In the event of breakdown or accident involving the participant’s vehicle, upon request, AMA will assist the participant in keeping his/her family informed of the situation.