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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Medical Professionals

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Medical Professionals

Special schemes for general medical practitioners, dentists and pharmacists.

In collaboration with Medical Risk & Claims Management (MRCM) Services, we offer the Professional Indemnity Schemes for general medical practitioners, dentists and pharmacists. As a locally underwritten schemes, they offer stable and affordable premiums without any arbitrary or abrupt increases.

MRCM Services is a specialty services company offering medical risk management services. It has a highly qualified consultant on board to provide valuable advice and expertise. Dr. KM Ponnusamy [MBBS (Belgium) LLB (Hons) (London) CLP (Mal)] has two decades of experience in medical risk management and is currently practicing as a medico-legal consultant. He has investigated and reviewed over 1,000 medico-legal claims as a specialty adjuster for insurance companies. He has represented and continues to represent the medical profession in the Preliminary Investigation Committee (PIC) hearings at the Malaysian Medical Council apart being a member of the Medicine Advertising Board, the Poisons Board, Drug Control Authority and a host of others associated with medical risk management.

Note: According to the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012, doctors are required to produce evidence of professional indemnity insurance or takaful cover when renewing their Annual Practising Certificate. For more information, please refer to the Malaysian Medical Council's website at www.mmc.gov.my.

What benefits do I get?

Features and Benefits

  • Full Retroactive Cover* provided at no additional cost. You will be covered for services provided from the first day you begin your career as a general medical practitioner / dentist / pharmacist.
  • Coverage for estates and legal representatives of members.
  • Advice and assistance with representation when necessary at the Malaysian Medical Council / Malaysian Dental Council / Malaysian Pharmaceutical Board disciplinary hearings.
  • Medico-legal assistance and support.
  • Coverage for Good Samaritan Acts.

*For Retroactive Cover, kindly furnish a copy of your previous policy schedule for underwriting purpose.

Optional Benefits (for freelance and government doctors / dentists)

  • Indemnity coverage for locum extension.

Frequently asked questions.

Is coverage provided on an occurrence basis or claims made basis?

The coverage afforded by this scheme is on claims made basis, meaning indemnity is provided for claims made against you whilst you are a member of this scheme. You are encouraged to continue being a member of our scheme, as we provide retroactive cover for services that you may have provided for in the past but being sued during the period the policy is in force. Further, the scheme also offers continuum of cover for members of the scheme who retire or completely cease practice. Therefore, the coverage afforded is comprehensive and meets the requirement of the general medical practitioner.

In the event of a claim against me, what do I do and do I bear anything?

Unlike other insurance plans, there is no deductible applicable. In the event of a claim or if you are aware of a potential claim, please notify us immediately by emailing us.

How do I join this scheme?

Please complete the Application Form and submit it together with the following documents to General Marketing, KL Branch:

  • Permanent Registration Certificate
  • Annual Practising Certificate
  • Credit Card Details for Full Premium Amount

Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad
11th Floor, Menara Zurich
No. 12, Jalan Dewan Bahasa
50460 Kuala Lumpur
Fax No : 03 2143 2604

Is my case automatically accepted after I submit my application?

If there is no claim or alleged claim against you before application, we will confirm acceptance to you within 48 hours of receipt via e mail or normal mail stating the effective date of cover. Please call us if you fail to hear from us within a week of your postage.

If there is a claim or alleged claim against me before application, will my application be accepted?

This will be treated separately. We will need the claim and/or alleged claim details and may propose an offer with certain terms and conditions. The premium may differ from the premium stated in the Application Form.

When will my insurance cover commence?

When we receive your application, we will respond to you within 48 hours as follows:

  • We will acknowledge the receipt of the application documents. If your insurance application is acceptable, we will confirm cover on the same day. The policy shall be issued after your payment has been cleared.
  • Please call us if you fail to hear from us within a week of your postage.

If I require further details, who can I speak to?

Please do not hesitate to call the following personnel who would be glad to assist you:

Dr. KM Ponnusamy 012 311 3934 dmuthaya5@gmail.com
Angie Ng 012 212 2013 / 03 2146 8845 angie.ng@zurich.com.my

Where can I get more information?

Get a quote.

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