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For Those Who Truly Love

When it comes to saving for the future, do you ever have the feeling of reliving the same day over and over again? It seems no matter what we do, the cost of living is constantly on the up, while our income savings is never sufficient. The traditional method of a cookie jar no longer works. To move ahead, to care for the future us, and to truly love and provide for our family, it is time for us to make the right choice with Zurich today.

Did You Know

Over 60% of Malaysians only have enough savings to last them for less than 6 months in the event of income loss.

Source: Income Protection Gap quantitative research, March 2016, conducted by Epiphany RBC

"683,169 Malaysians received counselling from the Credit Counselling and Management Agency (AKPK) last year. Out of that, 43% mentioned weak financial planning as the top reason for seeking help."

Source: Credit Counselling and Management Agency (AKPK), December 2017

Only 10.8% of urban Malaysian households have enough savings to withstand 'financial shocks' resulting from events such as job loss, an economic crisis, physical impairment, death etc.

Source: The Star, 2016

50% of Malaysian urban households do not have any financial savings.

Source: Khazanah Research Institute's State of Households II Report

Protecting What Matters Most

At Zurich, we have developed a range of solutions to protect you and your loved ones. Whether it be for your children, your spouse, or your parents, we have got you covered.

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