Flex Medical

Flex Medical

Comprehensive medical coverage till age 100 with no lifetime limit.

Rising medical fees should be the last thing on your mind when seeking treatment for yourself and your family. Put your health first with Zurich’s Flex Medical plan that provides you quality healthcare when you need it.

What benefits do I get?

Guaranteed Renewal Up To Age 100

Provides you with lifetime medical coverage up to age 100

No Overall Lifetime Limit

With no Overall Lifetime Limit, you can enjoy unlimited medical protection without worries from now until age 100.

No Co-insurance

Pays your medical bill according to the plan you have purchased, without co-insurance.

Hassle-free Hospitalisation With Cashless Facility

Convenient admission and discharge at all participating hospitals. Just show your medical card for immediate hospital admission and discharge. You only need to settle the excess amount, if any.

Guardian Benefit For All

Now you don't have to be alone in the hospital. We will reimburse the expenses for meals and lodging incurred for those accompanying you in the hospital regardless of your age.

Is there a range of plans that I can choose from?

Schedule of Benefits

Overall Annual Limit 175,000 225,000
Overall Lifetime Limit No Overall Lifetime Limit
Daily Hospital Room & Board
(max. 200 days per annum)
280 380
Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency Unit
(max. 60 days per annum)
As Charged
Hospital Supplies & Services
Surgical Fees
(for post-surgical care, within 90 days from discharge)
Anaesthetist Fees
Operating Theatre
Ambulance Fees
Day Surgery
Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Tests
(within 60 days prior to admission)
Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation
(within 60 days prior to admission)
In-Hospital Physician Visit
(2 visits per day, max. 200 days per annum)
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
(within 90 days from discharge)
Organ Transplant
(once per lifetime)
Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
(max. limit per lifetime)
225,000 300,000
Out-Patient Cancer Treatment
(max. limit per lifetime)
300,000 400,000
Out-Patient Physiotherapy Treatment
(within 180 days from discharge/surgery)
As Charged
Emergency Accidental Out-Patient Treatment
(within 72 hours from accident and follow-up treatment up to a max. of 31 days)
Daily-Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
(max. 200 days per annum)
75 85
Guardian Benefit
(max. limit per disability)
300 400
Medical Report Fees
(max. limit per disability)
120 120
Home Nursing Care
(max. 200 days per lifetime)
As Charged
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Emergency Assistance Programme In accordance with the benefit provisions in Emergency Assistance Programme agreement

1 Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis Treatment, Out-Patient Cancer Treatment and Emergency Assistance Programme are not included into the Overall Limit.
2 Please refer to the policy contract for full details of the benefit coverage.

Note: The Schedule of Benefits is subject to the definitions and benefit coverage as defined in the policy contract.

Who is eligible for this plan?

Anyone between 30 days and 69 years old can attach the Flex Medical rider to his/her regular premium investment-linked insurance plan. If you are a mother who have purchased the Flex Maternity Care rider and chose to exercise the Option To Purchase New Policy For Child, you can purchase the Flex Medical rider immediately after your child is born.

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