Zurich FlexMed 2

Zurich FlexMed 2

Living benefits that matter

Life is full of surprises, but it comes with uncertainties too. You’ll never know what lies tomorrow, so you can never be too prepared should the unexpected happen to you. With longer life expectancy and rising medical costs year after year, you should extend your coverage with living benefits that can support your medical needs up to age 100 for a complete peace of mind.

Introducing Zurich FlexMed 2 – your healthcare solution that complements individual basic regular premium investment-linked plan for those who matter. When life throws you a curve ball, you know for sure that you’ve already got it covered.

Why should I choose this plan?

No Lifetime Limit up to age 100

Enjoy No Lifetime Limit* up to Age 100 apart from the Annual Limit to help you through your every healthcare need.

*For Plan 2 only

Unlimited Number of Days for Daily Hospital Room and Board

Worry no more about the length of your hospital stay with unlimited number of days benefit for daily hospital room and board. This benefit is also applicable for in-hospital physician visit as well as daily cash allowance at government hospitals.

Annual Limit Increments*

Rewarding you with an increase of 10% of your initial Overall Annual Limit for every 5 policy years up to a maximum of 50% of your initial Overall Annual Limit.

*Subject to terms and conditions

Infectious Disease Benefit*

You are entitled to a lump sum of RM5,000 per infectious disease diagnosed before age 70. Each infectious disease is only claimable once.

Cholera Influenza A - Avian Influenza A(H7N9) & A(H5N1)
Tuberculosis (TB) Malaria

*Please refer to policy contract for detailed definitions of the infectious diseases covered

Accidental Death Benefit

Should the Life Assured pass away within 365 days as a direct result of an accident, accidental death benefit will be payable as stated in the Schedule of Benefits.

Organ Transplant

If you are the recipient of the transplant of kidney(s), heart, lung(s), liver or bone marrow, you will be entitled to this benefit once per lifetime.

Cashless Convenience at Local Hospitals

Show your medical card upon admission to enjoy smother healthcare experience. You’ll only have to settle any outstanding fees, while we take care of the rest.

Worry-free Emergency Assistance Programme

Travel aboard worry-free with our International Medical Assistance Programme and you will get all the information and medical attention you need.

Is there a range of plans that I can choose from?

Initial Overall Annual Limit 75,000 125,000
Maximum Additional Overall Annual Limit2 37,500 62,500
Overall Annual Limit Initial Overall Annual Limit + total awarded Additional Overall Annual Limit
Overall Lifetime Limit 750,000 No Overall Lifetime Limit
Daily Hospital Room & Board
(unlimited number of days)
160 210
Intensive Care Unit / High Dependency Unit
(max. 60 days per annum)

As charged

Hospital Supplies & Services
Surgical Fees
(for post-surgical care, within 90 days from discharge)
Anaesthetist Fees
Operating Theatre
Ambulance Fees
Day Surgery
Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Tests
(within 60 days prior to admission)
Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation
(within 60 days prior to admission)
In-Hospital Physician Visit
(unlimited number of days)
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
(within 90 days from discharge)
Organ Transplant
(once per lifetime)
Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
(max. limit per lifetime)
50,000 150,000
Out-Patient Cancer Treatment
(max. limit per lifetime)
75,000 200,000
Out-Patient Physiotherapy Treatment
(within 180 days from discharge/surgery)

As charged

Emergency Accidental Out-Patient Treatment
(within 72 hours from accident and follow-up treatment up to a max. of 31 days)
Daily Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
(unlimited number of days)
50 60
Guardian Benefit
(max. limit per disability)
200 250
Medical Report Fees
(max. limit per disability)
100 120
Home Nursing Care
(max. 200 days per lifetime)

As charged

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Accidental Death Benefit 10,000 20,000
Infectious Disease Benefit3 5,000 per Infectious Disease
Emergency Assistance Programme In accordance with the benefit provisions in Emergency Assistance Programme agreement
(only applicable in the first Rider Policy Year)

1 Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis Treatment, Out-Patient Cancer Treatment, Accidental Death Benefit, Infectious Disease Benefit and Emergency Assistance Programme are not subject to Overall Limit.

2 Additional Overall Annual Limit (10% of Initial Overall Annual Limit) will be awarded at the end of every five (5) policy years’ interval starting from the commencement date of the rider, provided that the rider has been in-force continuously AND no claim has been approved within that interval except Infectious Disease Benefit, up to a maximum of 50% of the Initial Overall Annual Limit.

3 Infectious Disease Benefit will cease when the Life Assured attains age 70.

Who is eligible for this plan?

Anyone between 30 days and 69 years old can attach the Zurich FlexMed 2 rider to selected regular premium investment-linked insurance plan such as Zurich FlexiLife, Zurich FlexiLife Plus and Zurich TrueLady.

If you are a mother who have purchased the Flex Maternity Care rider and chose to exercise the Option To Purchase New Policy For Child, you can purchase this rider immediately after your child is born.

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