Zurich FlexiLife Premier

Zurich Flexilife Premier

For the Hero in you.

You are the Hero of your family. You work hard for them to provide, nurture and protect them. But you are not invincible. Are you adequately covered for your loved ones if something happens to you?

Adequate protection may not necessarily come at a high cost. Get high coverage with Zurich FlexiLife Premier, an affordable regular premium investment-linked plan that works around your ever-changing lifestyle - be it for your newborn child, buying a new property or legacy planning for next generations. So no matter what happens, your family’s future can always remain certain.
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What benefits do I get?

Your Hero Powers : 

High coverage up to age 100 with no medical check-up required*

Get covered up to age 100 with a higher coverage plan starting from RM500,000 basic sum assured.

* Up to RM2,000,000 basic sum assured, depending on the age and health conditions of the life assured.

Coverage up to RM8 million sum assured for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

This plan allows you to have TPD coverage up to a maximum of RM8 million sum assured per life.

Supplementary TPD Income for 10 years

If you suffer from TPD before the age of 70, you will receive TPD income of 5% of current sum assured per annum for 10 policy years.

Infectious Disease Benefit

If you are diagnosed with any of the infectious disease listed in the table below before age 70, you will be entitled to a lump sum of RM10,000 per infectious disease diagnosed. Each infectious disease is only claimable once.

Infectious Disease
Age 15 and below Age 16 and Above
Hand Foot Mouth Disease Typhoid Fever
Measels Ebola
Meningococcal Disease Zika Virus
Mumps Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Cholera Nipah Virus Encephalitis 
Tuberculosis Influenze A - Avian Influenza A (H7N9) & (H5N1)
Hepatitis A Malaria


Note: Please refer to policy contract for detailed definitions of the infectious diseases covered.

Power-Ups : 

Life protection up to 500% of current sum assured (CSA)

Get up to 500% on your insurance coverage amount in the event of unfortunate incidents as listed below:

Insurance Coverage Amount
100% of CSA For Death and TPD due to all causes
200% of CSA For Balik Kampung Accidental Death or TPD
300% of CSA For Public Conveyance Accidental Death
400% of CSA For Outside Malaysia Accidental Death
500% of CSA For On-Board Flight Accidental Death


Should any of the incidents above happen, the amount payable shall be the higher of Insurance Coverage Amount or Investment Account Value.

Additional sum assured of RM25,000 every 5 years

Your basic sum assured increases by RM25,000 every 5 policy years without incurring additional insurance charges up to a maximum of RM100,000 per policy. 

No-lapse Guarantee for first 5 years

Even if your investment account value is insufficient to cover the cost of insurance and fee charges, your policy will continue to be in-force and provide coverage within the first 5 policy years.

Flexibility to choose premium payment terms

You have the complete flexibility to choose from one of the 4 premium payment terms below: 
5 years 10 years  20 years  Full policy term 

Rewards and investment opportunities

As you stay covered with Zurich FlexiLife Premier, you will be rewarded with Annual Dividend in the amount of 0.15% of the daily average Investment Account Value for the past one year. You can also optimise your investment by investing in a wide range of 14 diversified Zurich local and foreign funds to generate potential investment returns.

Options to enhance your coverage

You can provide additional coverage to safeguard your loved ones by enhancing your protection coverage with the following riders:
o Payor Benefit Rider
o Critical Illness Super Rider
o Waiver of Premium On Dread Disease Rider

For further details of terms and conditions, please refer to product disclosure sheet, sales illustration and policy documents.

How does this plan work?

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Who is eligible for this plan?

You can be insured if you are between 30 days and 70 years old. However, the policyholder must be at least 16 years old.

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Zurich FlexiLife Premier

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