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Premium Healthcare Services At Your Doorstep.

Enjoy exclusive rates for on-demand house calls by fully registered doctors – anytime, anywhere with Doctor2U mobile app.

Sign-up for Zurich Omni Health or Zurich Regular Premium Investment-linked policy that is attached with a medical rider (Zurich MegaMed, Flex Medical or MaxMedic) to get this exclusive service. Download the Doctor2U mobile app on your mobile devices and enjoy these exclusive rates from Doctor2U:

Time Exclusive Rate
8.00AM – 7.59PM RM200 RM150
8.00PM – 7.59AM RM380 RM285

Terms and conditions apply.

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Follow the heartwarming story of a little girl and her favourite teddy bear. Watch how a little girl's true love made her go the extra mile to protect those she truly love!

Wellness. What is it and how is it important to you?

Simply put, it is a conscious decision to make the right choices that ultimately lead you to a happier life. Rain or shine, it is a process that evolves with your lifestyle both financially and physically, and requires careful consideration at every stage of life. It is not an easy path to walk alone. That's where Zurich Insurance comes in. And we are certain that the choices you make today in favour of financial and physical wellness will have a positive impact on your life.

We all know that staying physically healthy and financially fit is rewarding. But what matters more is being prepared to protect the people you care about. That's why you should begin your journey to wellness with plans that cover you and your loved ones at every stage of life. From Zurich FlexiLife Plus, a protection plan that grows with you, to Zurich Favour8 that shapes your future with rewards every step of the way, there is always something to look forward to in life with Zurich Insurance.


Mega solutions for your healthcare needs.

Learn about Zurich MegaMed

Staying healthy has never been more rewarding.

Learn about Zurich Omni Health

Flexible life coverage that rewards loyalty bonus and comes with guaranteed insurability option. 

Learn about Zurich FlexiLife Plus
Zurich Favour8

Shape your future with rewards along the way.

Learn about Zurich Favour8

Guaranteed Acceptance plan that gives you valuable protection through your golden years.

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