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Fire Consequential Loss Takaful

Protect the loss of business profits due to fire-related damages.

The loss of your physical assets in the aftermath of a fire breakout can be financially taxing. The Fire Consequential Loss Takaful by Zurich is specially designed to complement your Fire Takaful certificate.

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  • What benefits do I get?

    This certificate covers you for loss of gross profit due to reduction in turnover and increase cost of working consequent upon interruption of the business caused by perils covered under the Fire certificate. It includes:-

    • Continuing overhead expenses
    • Increase in cost of working
    • Loss of net profit
    • Wages of employees
  • Can I extend my protection?

    You may extend to cover the following extensions by paying an additional contribution:-

    • Specified suppliers
    • Unspecified suppliers
    • Specified customers
    • Prevention of access
    • Public utilities
    • Infectious or contagious diseases, murder, suicide, pest, food or drink poisoning; or defective sanitary arrangements

    The duration of cover is for one year. You need to renew your Takaful cover annually.

  • Where can I get more information?
  • Contact us.

    Meet a Zurich Takaful Agent


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    Contact our Zurich Call Centre

  • Apakah manfaat yang saya perolehi?

    Sijil ini memberi perlindungan kepada anda untuk kerugian ke atas untung kasar akibat penurunan dalam perolehan dan penambahan dalam kos kerja yang berpunca daripada gangguan perniagaan akibat bahaya yang dilindungi di bawah sijil kebakaran. Ia merangkumi:-

    • Perbelanjaan overhed berlarutan
    • Penambahan kos kerja
    • Kerugian keuntungan bersih
    • Upah pekerja
  • Bolehkah saya meningkatkan perlindungan saya?

    Anda boleh meluaskan perlindungan ke atas risiko berikut dengan sumbangan tambahan:-

    • Pembekal khusus
    • Pembekal bukan khusus
    • Pelanggan khusus
    • Pencegahan Jalan Masuk
    • Kemudahan awam
    • Penyakit berjangkit, pembunuhan, bunuh diri, serangga perosak, keracunan makanan atau minuman atau kerosakan sistem sanitasi

    Tempoh perlindungan ialah selama setahun. Anda  perlu memperbaharui sijil Takaful anda setiap tahun.

  • Di manakah saya boleh mendapat lebih maklumat?
  •  Hubungi kami.

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