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Please be informed that medical plans underwritten by Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad and Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad provide coverage for COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 (2019 novel coronavirus), subject to the terms and conditions specified in the respective plans. Zurich will waive the standard exclusion and continue to provide coverage, should the Ministry of Health classify the SARS-CoV-2 as among ‘communicable diseases requiring quarantine by law’. In the event you have / suspected to have contracted the SARS-CoV-2, please seek immediate medical attention. For enquiries, please email us at

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Medical Malpractice Takaful

Protecting you while you heal others.

In collaboration with Antah Insurance Brokers, we offer the first shariah-compliant professional indemnity scheme for general and specialist medical practitioners in Malaysia. This scheme is designed to provide participants with financial as well as emotional relief against any medical-related financial liabilities arising from any actual or alleged professional malpractice.

Antah Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputera insurance and takaful broker that is approved by Bank Negara Malaysia and certified by the Ministry of Finance (Code No: 221802). The company offers risk management services, technical advice and in-house claims management expertise across a wide range of industry sectors. Antah Insurance Brokers is currently the appointed medical indemnity scheme manager for Pertubuhan Doktor-Doktor Islam Malaysia (PERDIM).

Note: According to the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012, doctors are required to produce evidence of professional indemnity insurance or takaful cover when renewing their Annual Practising Certificate. For more information, please refer to the Malaysian Medical Council's website at

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  • What benefits do I get?

    • Covers your defence costs and damages including out-of court settlements.
    • Covers your legal costs for any inquiry and investigations by official bodies.
    • Full retroactive coverage from first day as a licensed medical practitioner.
    • Covers your estate and legal representation.

    Automatic Extensions

    • Breach of Confidentiality
    • Defamation
    • Disciplinary Proceedings/Enquiries
    • Good Samaritan Acts
    • Loss Of Documents
    • Procedure Extensions
    • Public Relations Expenses
    • Run-off Cover
    • Full Retroactive Cover

    Optional Extensions

    • Locum Extension
    • Reinstatement of Limit
  • Frequently asked questions

    Is coverage provided on an occurrence basis or claims made basis?

    The coverage afforded by this scheme is on claims made basis, meaning indemnity is provided for claims made against you whilst you are a member of this scheme. You are encouraged to continue being a member of our scheme, as we provide retroactive cover for services that you may have provided for in the past but being sued during the period the policy/certificate is in force. Further, the scheme also offers continuum of cover for members of the scheme who retire or completely cease practice. Therefore, the coverage afforded is comprehensive and meets the requirement of the general medical practitioner.

    In the event of a claim against me, what do I do and do I bear anything?

    Unlike other takaful plans, there is no deductible applicable. In the event of a claim or if you are aware of a potential claim, please notify Antah Insurance Brokers immediately. The contact details of the scheme managers are stated below.

    How do I join this scheme?

    Please fill in the enquiry form below. The scheme managers from Antah Insurance Brokers will be in touch with you.

    Is my case automatically accepted after I submit my application?

    If there is no claim or alleged claim against you before application, we will confirm acceptance to you within 48 hours of receipt via e mail or normal mail stating the effective date of cover. Please call us if you fail to hear from us within a week of your postage.

    If there is a claim or alleged claim against me before application, will my application be accepted?

    This will be treated separately. We will need the claim and/or alleged claim details and may propose an offer with certain terms and conditions. The contribution may differ from the contribution rates stated in the Application Form.

    When will my takaful cover commence?

    When we receive your application, we will respond to you within 48 hours as follows:

    • We will acknowlege the receipt of the application documents. If your takaful application is acceptable, we will confirm cover on the same day. The certificate shall be issued after your payment has been cleared.
    • Please call us if you fail to hear from us within a week of your postage.

    If I require further details, who can I speak to?

    The scheme managers from Antah Insurance Brokers will be able to assist you:

    Zaidon Mohammad 016 375 6884
    Rysha 011 3709 7077
  • Where Can I Get More Information?
  • Get a quote.
  • Contact us.

    Locate Your Nearest Zurich Branch

    Locate Your Nearest Zurich Branch

    Contact Our Zurich Center

    Zurich Takaful Customer Care

Zurich Takaful operates under the principle of Wakalah, whereby the Takaful Operator acts as an agent to the Participant for managing the operations of the Takaful business. A Wakalah Fee will be charged up-front from the contributions paid. Tabarru’ (donation) will be deducted to the Participant Risk Investment Account (PRIA), where it will be used for mutual aid and assistance, based on the concept of Takaful. The benefits are paid from the PRIA only upon a covered loss, and not upon maturity or surrender of the certificate. Surplus Sharing (if any) at the end of each financial year will be shared between the Participant and Zurich Takaful at a 50:50 ratio based on Hibah contract. The investment profit earned on the Participant Investment Account (PIA) is derived from the return on underlying assets and Zurich Takaful charges a Wakalah Tharawat Fee (Fund Management Fee) for managing these assets. The investment risk in PIA is fully borne by the Participant. 100% of investment profit earned, net of tax, less the aforementioned Wakalah Tharawat Fee will remain in the PIA for the benefit of the Participant. There will be no further sharing of the investment profit arising in the PIA with Shareholders.

  • Apakah manfaat yang saya perolehi? 

    • Merangkumi kos pembelaan dan ganti rugi termasuk penyelesaian luar mahkamah.
    • Perlindungan kos guaman untuk menghadiri siasatan pihak berkuasa.
    • Perlindungan penuh sedari hari pertama anda bertugas sebagai pengamal perubatan bertauliah.
    • Perlindungan untuk waris dan perwakilan guaman.

    Tambahan-Tambahan Automatik

    • Kebocoran Maklumat Sulit
    • Kes Fitnah
    • Siasatan/Prosiding Tatatertib
    • Perlindungan untuk Kerja-Kerja Amal
    • Kehilangan Dokumen
    • Tambahan-Tambahan Prosedur
    • Kos Perbelanjaan Perhubungan Awam
    • Perlindungan Berterusan
    • Perlindungan Retroaktif Penuh

    Tambahan-Tambahan Pilihan

    • Tambahan Lokum
    • Pengembalian Semula Had
  • Soalan lazim

    Adakah perlindungan diberi berasaskan kejadian atau tuntutan yang dibuat?

    Perlindungan yang diberikan oleh skim ini adalah berasaskan tuntutan yang dibuat. Ini bermakna perlindungan diberikan untuk tuntutan yang dibuat terhadap anda semasa anda menjadi ahli skim ini. Anda digalakkan supaya terus menjadi ahli skim ini kerana kami memberi perlindungan retroaktif untuk perkhidmatan yang mungkin telah anda berikan pada masa lalu tetapi didakwa dalam tempoh polisi/sijil berkuatkuasa. Di samping itu, skim ini juga menawarkan perlindungan berselanjaran untuk ahli skim yang bersara atau menghentikan perkhidmatan sama sekali. Justeru, perlindungan yang diberikan adalah komprehensif dan memenuhi keperluan pengamal perubatan am.

    Sekiranya tuntutan dibuat terhadap saya, apakah yang patut saya lakukan dan apakah yang terpaksa saya tanggung?

    Skim ini tidak seperti perlindungan takaful lain. Ia tidak mengenakan lebihan. Sekiranya tuntutan dibuat terhadap anda atau jika anda menyedari sebarang tuntutan yang boleh dibuat, anda perlu memaklumkannya kepada Antah Insurance Brokers dengan segera. Sila rujuk butiran pengurus skim seperti yang tertera di bawah.

    Bagaimanakah saya boleh menyertai skim ini?

    Sila isikan borang pertanyaan di bawah. Pengurus skim dari Antah Insurance Brokers akan menghubungi anda.

    Adakah permohonan saya diterima secara automatik selepas saya menghantar borang permohonan?

    Sekiranya tiada tuntutan atau dakwaan tuntutan terhadap anda sebelum ini, kami akan mengesahkan penerimaan dokumen-dokumen permohonan dalam masa 48 jam menerusi e-mel atau pos dengan menyatakan tarikh perlindungan bermula. Sila hubungi kami sekiranya anda tidak menerima sebarang jawapan dari pihak kami dalam masa 1 minggu selepas anda menghantar borang permohonan anda.

    Apakah yang akan berlaku sekiranya ada tuntutan atau tuntutan terhadap saya sebelum ini?

    Ini akan dilakukan dengan cara berbeza. Kami akan memerlukan tuntutan dan/atau butiran tuntutan tersebut dan mungkin menawarkan perlindungan berserta terma-terma dan syarat-syarat tertentu. Caruman mungkin berbeza daripada yang kadar caruman yang dinyatakan dalam Borang Permohonan.

    Bilakah perlindungan takaful saya akan bermula?

    Setelah kami menerima permohonan anda, kami akan memberi jawapan dalam masa 48 jam:

    • Kami akan mengesahkan penerimaan dokumen-dokumen permohonan. Sekiranya permohonan anda diterima, perlindungan akan berkuatkuasa pada tarikh yang sama. Sijil akan dikeluarkan setelah pembayaran disahkan.
    • Sila hubungi kami sekiranya anda tidak menerima sebarang jawapan dari pihak kami dalam masa 1 minggu selepas anda menghantar permohonan anda.

    Jika saya memerlukan maklumat lanjut, siapakah yang boleh saya hubungi?

    Pengurus skim dari Antah Insurance Brokers boleh membantu anda:

    Zaidon Mohammad 016 375 6884
    Rysha 011 3709 7077
  • Di manakh saya boleh mendapat lebih maklumat?
  • Dapatkan sebut harga
  • Hubungi kami

    Cari Cawangan Zurich yang Berhampiran

    Locate Your Nearest Zurich Branch

    Hubungi Zurich Call Center

    Zurich Takaful Customer Care

Zurich Takaful beroperasi di bawah prinsip Wakalah di mana Pengendali Takaful selaku agen mengendalikan operasi perniagaan Takaful kepada Peserta. Yuran Wakalah akan dikenakan sekali bersama dengan caruman yang dibayar. Jumlah Tabarru’ akan dimasukkan ke dalam Akaun Pelaburan Risiko Peserta (APRP / Participant Risk Investment Account) di mana ia akan digunakan untuk membantu Peserta lain berdasarkan Konsep Takaful. Manfaat akan dibayar daripada APRP hanya untuk kerugian yang dilindungi, dan bukanlah semasa Sijil matang atau penyerahan Sijil. Lebihan pada setiap akhir tahun kewangan (jika ada) akan dikongsi di antara Peserta dan Zurich Takaful mengikut nisbah 50:50 berdasarkan kontrak Hibah. Keuntungan daripada pelaburan yang diperolehi daripada Akaun Pelaburan Peserta (APP / Participant Investment Account) adalah berdasarkan kepadaaset yang disandarkan dan Zurich Takaful akan mengenakan bayaran Yuran Wakalah Tharawat (Yuran Pengurusan Dana) untuk menguruskan aset tersebut. Risiko pelaburan di dalam APP ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh Peserta. 100% keuntungan pelaburan selepas cukai akan kekal di dalam APP untuk manfaat Peserta. Tiada perkongsian ke atas sebarang keuntungan yang ada di dalam APP dengan pemegang saham.

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