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Zurich Max1nvest

Optimising investment opportunities.

Zurich Max1nvest is a single-premium investment-linked plan that aims to maximise your investments with a diversified choice of local and foreign funds. It has a high premium allocation with at least 95% going towards investments to optimise your long-term goal of wealth creation. To build your investments over time and manage risk, you can leverage on ringgit cost averaging through recurring top-up or irregular top-up options.

Note: This is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of its underlying assets and is NOT a pure investment product like unit trusts.

  • What benefits do I get?

    Multiple gateways to local and foreign funds

    Making it easier for you to cast a wider net beyond Malaysian shores to capitalise not only on the local funds but also on high-growth foreign equity markets as well. It gives you control over the investment of your initial premiums as it can be invested in a wide range of 14 diversified local and foreign funds of your choice. These funds are professionally-managed to suit your risk appetite and investment style.

    Please click here for the list of professionally-managed funds that suit your risk appetite and investment style.

    One-time premium investment with flexibility for future top-up

    You are required to pay your premium once only at the inception of the policy. Your premium is invested straight away into the selected funds of your choice, increasing the potential of your investment gains.

    Flexibility to enhance the investment account value via top-up is also available, with recurring top-up and irregular top-up, to optimse your potential gains overtime.

    High premium allocation of at least 95% for investment

    Enjoy 95.5% premium allocation when you invest more upfront. More investment upfront means a larger portion of your investment can be invested immediately to generate potential gains for you.

    Initial premium RM 25,000 to RM 99,999 95%
    RM 100,000 and above 95% + Extra 0.5%
    Recurring top-up From RM 500 per month 95%
    Irregular top-up From RM 500 per top-up 95%

    Option to withdraw for emergencies

    You have the control over your investment, allowing access to your investment account value for emergencies. Withdrawal option is made easy as and when you need it.

    Guaranteed Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

    Provides you with lifetime protection and covers you against the unexpected. Should death or TPD occur before the policy matures, you will receive 125% of the initial premium and top-up premiums (after deduction of any partial withdrawal made) or 100% of investment account value, whichever is higher.

    For further details of terms and conditions, please refer to product disclosure sheet, sales illustration and policy documents.

  • Who is eligible for this plan?
    You can be insured if you are between 30 days and 70 years old. However, the policyholder must be at least 16 years old.
  • Where can I get more information?
  • Contact us.

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    Meet A Zurich Agent

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    Locate Your Nearest Zurich Branch

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    Contact Our Zurich Call Centre

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