Super Wealth Plan

Super Wealth Plan

Guaranteed long term cash payment with maturity benefit to secure your financial goals.

Life is always changing and full of surprises. Unexpected events unfold when you least expect them and you really want to be prepared when they do. Super Wealth Plan provides both life insurance protection and savings in one neat package - striking the perfect balance of protection and savings that you deserve. With Super Wealth Plan, you’ll be taking the first step towards securing your dreams.

What benefits do I get?

Guaranteed Cash Payments

Guaranteed cash payments equivalent to 10% of the sum assured is payable starting from the end of the 6th policy year, and every 3 policy years thereafter. You can opt to leave the guaranteed cash payments with the company to accumulate your savings!

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

When you reach age 80 years, your policy matures and you’ll be rewarded with the maturity benefit of 100% of the sum assured in one lump sum payment.

Guaranteed Lifetime Coverage

You will be provided with basic life insurance protection until the maturity of your policy.

Guaranteed Premiums

Basic premiums payable are guaranteed to remain unchanged throughout the policy years up until the maturity of your policy. You have the flexibility to pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Protects the Financial Security of Your Family

In the unfortunate event of death, the guaranteed death benefit will be payable to your loved ones. The proceeds can ease your family’s financial burden, giving you peace of mind.

Protection against Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

In the event of TPD before age 60 years, the sum assured will be payable. You can use the proceeds to take care of medical costs or settle outstanding financial commitments.

Who is eligible for this plan?

You can be insured with Super Wealth Plan if you are between 30 days and 65 years old.

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