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Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance

Shape your future with rewards along the way

Whilst the need to accumulate savings for the future is all the more vital, Malaysians are finding it increasingly hard to fulfill their financial obligations, especially when there are mortgages, loans, child’s education and day-to-day expenses to worry about. Besides, given today’s hectic lifestyle, one simply does not have the luxury of time to go through the tedious and time consuming processes of form-filling, doctor’s appointments and medical check-ups just to secure a savings plan.

At Zurich, we take your concerns to heart and focus on what matters to you when designing solutions, to help you achieve your financial aspirations. Introducing Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance, an endowment plan that secures your financial safety net with no medical questionnaire and medical check-ups required. It is hassle-free and you can’t be turned down because of your health.

  • What benefits do I get?

    Easy and hassle-free application with no medical check-up required

    Gone are the days of tedious insurance applications. Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance offers a unique Guaranteed Acceptance1 where you can be insured for up to RM500,000 basic sum assured with no medical check-up required.

    1 Subject to terms and conditions.

    Pay for only 8 years and get 20 years of assured coverage

    This plan requires you to pay your premiums for only 8 years – a relatively short term commitment, that allows you to enjoy long term cash savings and protection for over 20 years.

    Watch your savings grow with Guaranteed Cash Back2

    You will receive Guaranteed Cash Back annually starting from the 1st policy year up until the end of 20th policy year. These generous payouts throughout the policy term will add up to 120% of your policy’s basic sum assured.

    1th 10th policy year 4%
    11th 20th policy year 8%

    You may opt to accumulate the Guaranteed Cash Back with us at prevailing interest rate3 determined by us; or reinvest it into the designated investment-linked funds for Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance to reap more potential returns.

    2 The guaranteed Cash Back will cease upon Death or Total and Permanent Disability Claim.
    3 The interest rate used to accumulate the Guaranteed Cash Back is not guaranteed and may vary from time to time.

    128% of the basic sum assured guaranteed upon maturity

    Upon maturity of your policy, you will receive a lump sum payment comprising of 128% of the basic sum assured. To top it off, you may also receive the accumulated Guaranteed Cash Back (if any) and a payout from your policy’s investment account value depending on the underlying performance of the investment-linked funds.

    Stay covered against the unexpected while you save

    Apart from financial gains, this plan also provides coverage against the unexpected. Should Death or Total and Permanent Disability4 (TPD) occur, the benefits as follows will be payable:

    Within 2 years from Commencement Date After 2 years from Commencement Date
    • Total premium paid for Zurich Favour8 Basic without interest (after deducting Guaranteed Cash Back paid/withdrawn, if any);

    • Total unallocated premium of Zurich Favour8 Saver;

    • Investment Account Value (if any);

    • Less any indebtedness.

    • Basic sum assured or total premium paid for Zurich Favour8 Basic (after deducting Guaranteed Cash Back paid), whichever is higher;

    • Accumulated Guaranteed Cash Back (if any);

    • Investment Account Value (if any);

    Less any indebtedness

    4 The TPD benefit will cease on the policy anniversary immediately following the 70th birthday of the Life Assured.

    70/30 balance that helps boost your funds further

    While 70% of the total premiums paid are for your Zurich Favour8 Basic, 30% of the total premiums paid are for Zurich Favour8 Saver to make your money work harder. The premium under Zurich Favour8 Saver will be invested equally into two professionally managed investment-linked funds at 95%5 allocation rate. The allocated premium will be used to purchase units in the two designated funds for Zurich Favour8 Saver below:

    • Zurich Vulture Fund
    • Zurich Global Edge Fund

    Click here for more information about the funds.

    5 5% of the unallocated premium under Zurich Favour8 Saver will be used to meet payment of commissions to intermediaries and management expenses.

    Here's an example of how Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance works:

    Mr. John, purchases Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance with RM100,000 basic sum assured to save up for his retirement, and opt to receive his Guaranteed Cash Back on a yearly basis

    From the end of his 1st policy year, he receives the Guaranteed Cash Back on a yearly basis, which totals up to RM120,000 at the end of his 20th policy year.

    1st – 10th policy year 4% RM 40,000
    11th 20th policy year 8% RM 80,000

    Upon maturity of his policy, he receives a lump sum payment of RM128,000.

    Upon Maturity 128% RM 128,000

    On top of the guaranteed benefits, he also receives investment returns from his investment account value6.

    The payout comes at the right time as Mr. John prepares for the retirement.

    6 The funds' values are dependent on prevailing market values and the underlying investment performance of the respective funds.

    The example is for illustrative purposes only. Please obtain the sales illustration and premium rate that is applicable to you.

  • How much can I get insured for?
    The minimum basic sum assured is RM10,000 and the maximum basic sum assured is RM500,000 per life.
  • Where can I get more information?
  • Who is eligible for this plan?
    Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance is open to anyone between 30 days attained age and 65 years old.
  • Contact us.
    Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance

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