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Please be informed that medical plans underwritten by Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad and Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad provide coverage for COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 (2019 novel coronavirus), subject to the terms and conditions specified in the respective plans. Zurich will waive the standard exclusion and continue to provide coverage, should the Ministry of Health classify the SARS-CoV-2 as among ‘communicable diseases requiring quarantine by law’. In the event you have / suspected to have contracted the SARS-CoV-2, please seek immediate medical attention. For enquiries, please email us at

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Our ambition is to create a place that brings out the best in everyone and where people deliver results, inspire trust and confidence, show compassion and make a difference to those around them. Where people live up to our commitment, our values and our brand.

  • What we’re looking for

    People who love to work in an environment ...

    • That is challenging and exciting
    • That is internationally minded
    • That is stable and professional
    • Where they can make a difference
  • What you'll find at Zurich

    You will find an environment ...

    • Where communication is two-way and open, expectations are clear, and employees own their opinions, decisions and actions
    • Where execution is the goal and judgment and knowledge combine with an open sharing of ideas to drive decisions
    • Where Zurich people believe in the company and each other
    • Where opportunity, pay and promotions are based on performance and results
    • Where the external environment is a constant factor in decisions and actions
    • Where results are recognized and celebrated as the true measure of success