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Dear Valued Customers,

Our head office and branches will be closed from 24 January 2020 (Friday) to 27 January 2020 (Monday) in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration.

We will resume operations on 28 January 2020 (Tuesday). For vehicle breakdown, please contact our 24-hour Zurich Roadside Assistance hotline.

We wish all who are celebrating a Happy Chinese New Year and safe travels on the road!

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E-Payment (Claims & Benefits Payout)

For your convenience, we recommend that you sign-up for the Electronic Payment (e-Payment) facility to allow your policy / certificate claims as well as Life Insurance / Family Takaful proceeds payment to be transferred into your personal bank account in a faster, safer and more convenient way. This e-Payment facility is made available to all policy / certificate holders of our General Insurance, General Takaful, Life Insurance and Family Takaful.

  • What are the benefits of e-Payment?


    Funds will be available within 3 working days from the payment date


    Misplaced, lost, fraud or expired cheques will no longer be an issue


    Removes the need to travel and deposit the cheque, as payments are credited directly into the payee's bank account


    Can be assigned to all bank accounts that offer MEPS Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) Service

  • How do I get started?

    The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) facility allows payment to be transferred into your own bank account.

    1. Download the EFT Instruction Form (for Zurich Insurance) or E-Payment Registration Form(for Zurich Takaful).
    2. Fill in the instruction / application form clearly.
    3. Append the following documents to your instruction / registration form:
      • 1st page of bank savings account passbook or bank account statement with details on name, account number and Identification Card / Company Registration Certificate number
      • Identification Card (for individuals) or Company Registration Certificate (for companies). This is optional if it has been provided earlier or the required information is stated in any of the documents above
      • Claims form or Life Insurance / Family Takaful proceeds payment request form
      • Other required supporting documents for claims, if applicable
    4. Submit the completed forms and documents to the nearest Zurich branch
    You will receive a letter or email notification once the payment transaction is completed successfully. You are highly encouraged to provide us your current email address for our records purpose.
  • Frequently asked questions

    What type of transactions are available for e-Payment facility?

    The e-Payment facility is available for all types of transactions involving refunds, claims, surrender, withdrawal or proceeds payout under our General Insurance, General Takaful, Life Insurance and Family Takaful.

    Is there any registration fee or service charge for the e-Payment facility?

    No, you can enjoy the e-Payment facility free of charge.

    Is there any restriction on the type of bank account that can be registered for the e-Payment facility?

    You can register any of your existing active savings or current account held under your name as the accountholder. The savings or current account must be maintained with any financial institutions offering the MEPS Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) service.

    For the current list of IBG participating banks, please visit

    Is there any limit on the amount that can be transacted via Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG)?

    Yes, the Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) service has set the maximum limit at RM500,000 per transaction. RENTAS will be used for any one transaction exceeding RM500,000.

    Can I register my joint account for the e-Payment facility?

    Joint account is not allowed for e-payment

    Can I opt to receive my claims or proceeds payment via cheque instead?

    All policy / certificate claims as well as Life Insurance / Family Takaful proceeds are paid out via our e-Payment facility.

    What can I do if I have more than one (1) policy / certificate with Zurich?

    You can indicate all your policy / certificate numbers in one instruction / registration form.

    If you want the payments for each policy / certificate to be credited into separate bank accounts, you would need to fill up individual instruction / registration forms by indicating the policy / certificate number and the respective bank account number.

    What if there is more than one (1) claimant or nominee for my policy / certificate?

    For Death Claim: If there is more than one (1) claimant, each claimant must complete instruction / registration form separately.
    For Annuity Policy: If there is more than one (1) nominee, each nominee must complete the instruction / registration form separately.

    When will my bank account be credited?

    Payment will be made electronically into your bank account once your claims have been approved. Generally, funds will be made available in your bank account within three (3) working days, depending on your bank's turnaround time.

    What will happen if the payment fails to be credited into my bank account?

    We will contact you to verify your bank account details, which may result in an unnecessary delay in the payment process. In the event of death of the policy / certificate holder, all monies due will go to the administrators of his estate or his named beneficiaries.

    A physical cheque will be issued to Zurich Insurance policy holders / beneficiaries if:

    • The bank fails to credit the payment due to reasons provided by the bank eg. closed or inactive bank account
    • The instruction / registration form was only received after the Life Insurance or Family Takaful policy / certificate benefits, or claims, has been approved, and/or
    • Details provided in the instruction / registration form are incorrect, incomplete or unclear

    However, please note that Zurich Takaful does not issue physical cheques. Claims are paid via e-payment upon receipt of the correct bank details. You are advised to ensure that your bank account details are up-to-date.

    Will I be notified once Zurich has completed the payment transaction?

    Yes, you will receive a letter or email notification once the payment transaction is completed successfully. You are highly encouraged to provide us your current email address for our records purpose.

    Plans are underway to enhance our system so as to enable SMS notifications in the future.

    How will my bank account information be used and will it remain confidential?

    Your bank account details and other related information:

    • Will be used solely for the purpose of enabling the claims payment to be credited directly into your bank account; and
    • Is protected under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) 1989 that strictly prohibits the disclosure of such information to any person unless customer or his personal representative has given written permission. It should be noted that by signing the relevant form to provide your bank account information, you will be authorising the disclosure of your bank account information to parties' necessary to effect payment e.g. insurance company, financial institutions.