Sustainability of IL Plans

Your investment-linked insurance policy / takaful certificate is tied to the performance of the investment fund(s) which you have selected. This means that the continuity of your insurance/takaful coverage is dependent on the fund value (Investment Account Balance) in your policy/certificate. If fund value falls to zero, your policy/certificate will be terminated prematurely, and you will no longer have insurance/takaful coverage under the policy/certificate.

Learn more about how you can ensure continuous coverage under your investment-linked insurance policy / takaful certificate by clicking on the guides below.

If you have any questions regarding your policy/certificate, please speak to your Wealth Planner. You may also contact us at 1-300-888-622 or email us at

Guide to Investment-linked Policy Owners on Insurance Coverage

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Guide to Investment-linked Takaful Participants on Takaful Coverage

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