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Foreign Funds

Zurich Foreign Funds

A cornerstone to your financial security

Diversity for more choices and more investment opportunities

Whoever it was who told not to put all eggs in one basket was truly wise. When it comes to investing, especially in today’s volatile markets, a diversified portfolio is the key to harness the full potential of your investments. This includes casting a wider net beyond Malaysia shores to capitalize not only on local funds but also on high-growth foreign equity foreign equity and health care equity markets as well.

Zurich has made it easier for you to tap into these investments opportunities by adding to its stable of local funds, six foreign funds which tap into the emerging markets of China and India, the established markets of Europe and US and the combined strength of top economies and health care companies across the globe.

For more information on the performance of the investment-linked funds, please download the Fund Review and Fund Fact Sheet from

Note: This is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of its underlying assets and is NOT a pure investment product like unit trusts.


Depending on your risk appetite and investment style, you can attach these professionally-managed funds to an investment-linked plan such as Zurich FlexiLife Plus and Zurich Max1nvest. You also have the flexibility to switch funds or top-up your investment anytime with ease to maximize your investment portfolio

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Foreign Funds