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Dear Valued Customers,

Our head office and branches will be closed from 24 January 2020 (Friday) to 27 January 2020 (Monday) in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration.

We will resume operations on 28 January 2020 (Tuesday). For vehicle breakdown, please contact our 24-hour Zurich Roadside Assistance hotline.

We wish all who are celebrating a Happy Chinese New Year and safe travels on the road!

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Zurich Direct Term

Protect your loved ones from debt. Protect their future today.

Your loved ones mean the world to you. And you will do anything to ensure their future is secure, so they will always enjoy the life you have in mind for them. Which was why you’ve been working hard to provide for them a strong financial foundation. An important part of this foundation is making doubly sure that you have a financial safety net, in case something unexpected happens to you. This is what Zurich Direct Term can provide for you, affordably.

Zurich Direct Term is a non-participating term policy that gives you and your loved ones the essential protection needed to face life’s uncertainties. With it, you and your loved ones will now be well prepared for the future.

Note: This is a pure protection product where the sole purpose of the product is to provide you with coverage for specific covered events. You should not expect to receive any investment return throughout the term of the policy or when the policy matures. This product is distributed and sold without going through any intermediaries.

Important Notice

Income protection – the ability to ensure financial security even in the face of crises such as long-term illness, disability or death – plays a crucial role in our lives and that of our loved ones. Yet, the income protection gap is present in many families, who do not have financial compensation should there be a reduction / loss in household income due unexpected events. To get a quick calculation on how much insurance / takaful coverage can be obtained based on your budget and needs, try out Protection Gap and Budget Calculator.

  • Why should I choose this plan?

    Choice of coverage up to RM500,000

    It provides you with 6 options to protect against the unexpected. You can choose your ideal sum assured to ensure you and your family are well provided for, in case Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) occurs.

    Flexible Coverage Term

    You can tailor your coverage term based on your financial circumstance and needs. This flexibility ensures you can plan your coverage as you progress in life.

    No medical examination required

    Best of all, there is no hassle of getting a medical examination to get covered. Just answer a simple questionnaire to complete your application online.

  • Who is eligible for this plan?
    Anyone between 18 years old and 50 years old is eligible to purchase this plan.
  • What kind of plan and coverage is right for me?
    Please use the Insurance Gap and Budget Calculator to determine how much coverage you require and how much premium you can afford
  • How do I make a nomination?
    To nominate your beneficiaries, please fill in the Nomination Form and submit the form at your nearest Zurich branch.
  • How do I make a claim?

    Step 1


    Prepare the required documents as stated below.

    Step 2

    Step 2

    Complete the required form(s) and get your attending doctor to complete the required Physician’s Statement form (if applicable).

    Step 3

    full documents

    Ensure all the required documents are complete and submit them at your nearest Zurich branch.

    Step 4


    Check your claim status by calling us at 1-300-888-622 or writing in to us.

    • Death
    • Total and Permanent Disability
    A. Compulsory documents:
    1. Claimant’s Statement Form
    2. CTC of Claimant’s NRIC / Passport / Residence card
    3. CTC of Death Certificate

    B. Additional documents (if any):
    1. CTC of Marriage Certificate (if claimant is spouse) or Birth Certificate of Claimant (if claimant is child) or Birth Certificate of Deceased (if claimant is parents) as Proof of Relationship
    2. Original Policy Contract
    3. Original Letter of Consent (4 copies)
    4. CTC of report of death abroad from National Registration Department (NRD) - if Insured died abroad
    5. Letter of Administration / Grant of Probate / Distribution Order (applicable for policy without nomination)
    6. CTC of Deceased’s NRIC / Passport / Residence card

    C. Documents to be completed if death due to sickness or natural cause:
    1. Physician’s Statement Form (for policy duration within 2 years from the Issue Date or Reinstatement Date, whichever is later)

    D. Documents to be submitted if death due to accident:
    1. CTC of Post Mortem / Coroner’s Report (for policy duration of less than 5 years from the Issue Date or Reinstatement Date, whichever is later)
    2. CTC of Toxicology Report, if any
    3. CTC of Police Report
    4. Newspaper Cutting, if any (Please translate to English or Bahasa Malaysia if the article is not in either of these languages)
    A. Compulsory documents:
    1. Claimant’s Statement Form
    2. CTC of Claimant’s NRIC / Passport / Residence card
    3. Total and Permanent Disability Claim Form (Part B - Attending Physician’s Statement)
    4. Neurological Examination Report (NER)

    B. Additional documents (if any):
    1. CTC of other Medical Report (if relevant)
    2. CTC of EPF Withdrawal letter, if applicable
    3. CTC of SOCSO Offer Letter/ SOCSO “Keputusan Jemaah Doktor Mengenai Keilatan” (if applicable)
    4. Original Letter of Consent (4 copies)
    5. Original Policy Contract
    6. CTC of Employment Termination Letter, if applicable

    C. Documents to be submitted if the disability due to accident:
    1. CTC of Police Report
    2. Newspaper Cutting, if any (Please translate to English or Bahasa Malaysia if the article is not in either of these languages)

    If you wish to talk to us regarding your claim and have any queries on the above, you may call us at 1-300-888-622 or write in to us.

    Important Notes:
    1. CTC - Certified True Copy
    2. To facilitate the processing, please submit to us all required documents.
    3. The copy of documents must be certified by Zurich Chief Agency Manager / Zurich Officer / Commissioner for Oaths / Judge / Magistrate / Solicitors.
    4. The list of required documents for Life Insurance Claims serves as a guideline for claims submission. The Company reserves the right to request for further information or documents if deemed necessary.

  • Where can I get more information?
  • Contact us.

    Visit Our Kuala Lumpur Branch

    Visit Our Petaling Jaya Branch

    Contact Our Zurich Call Centre

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