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Takaful Family Hero

For the Wellbeing of Your Family’s Future

Secure their future with Takaful Family Hero, a family protection plan that is designed to protect them from the burden of debt so that they can carry on living life the way you aspire them to. With high protection payouts, your family can rest assured knowing that they have the means to settle the outstanding financial commitments.

Leave behind fond memories, not debt...

You are now one step closer to a more financially secured future. Before committing to any plans, it is important for you to find out the ideal coverage for your current liabilities.

Find out now with our Debt Gap Calculator

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  • What benefits do I get?

    High protection payout of up to 400% of Basic Sum Covered (BSC)

    If death or Total and Permanent Disability happens, Takaful Family Hero will provide you the following:

    Benefit Benefit Payable
    Death or Total and Permanent Disability¹ (TPD)

    Higher of 100% of BSC or Participant Investment Account (PIA) Value

    1 The TPD benefit is only applicable up to age 75 of the Person Covered.

    If accidental death occurs, benefit payout will be given according to the table below:

    Benefit Benefit Payable
    Public Transportation Accidental Death²

    Death Benefit + 100% of BSC

    Overseas Accidental Death³ Death Benefit + 100% of BSC 
    Balik Kampung Accidental Death4  Death Benefit + 200% of BSC
    Hajj Accidental Death5

    Death Benefit + 300% of BSC

    2 In the event of death of the Person Covered within 365 days from the date of accident from commuting in Public Transportation.

    3 In the event of death of the Person Covered within 365 days from the date of accident while travelling overseas for not more than 90 consecutive days per trip.

    4 In the event of death of the Person Covered within 365 days from the date of accident occurring during Malaysia National Public Holiday and at any of the Toll Expressway in Operation.

    5 Note:

    i. In the event of death of the Person Covered within 365 days from the date of accident while performing the Hajj ritual which refers to Wukuf in Arafah, Tawaaf in Masjidil Haram and Sa’ie between Safa and Marwah mountains.

    ii. In the event that the Person Covered has fulfilled the duty of Hajj where this Hajj Accidental Death Benefit is no longer applicable; or if the Person Covered is a non-muslim, we shall substitute this Hajj Accidental Death Benefit with Overseas Accidental Death Benefit as stated above, with an additional amount of 100% of Basic Sum Covered.

    *Note: Only the highest death benefit is payable.

    Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Yearly Recovery Benefit

    In the unfortunate event that you suffer a TPD, 5% of Basic Sum Covered is payable for 10 years as TPD Yearly Recovery Benefit to ease your financial burden.

    Family Care Privilege

    Secure the lifestyle that you want your loved ones to live, even when you are no longer around. Up to 4 of your legal spouses or children will be entitled to participate in a Zurich family takaful plan with coverage of up to 25% of your Basic Sum Covered, subject to RM300,000 per life, without any underwriting*.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    No Medical Check-up Required

    You can get covered up to RM1,500,000 without having to go for a medical check-up*.

    *Depending on the age and health condition of the person covered

    Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

    Based on your needs, you may choose your preferred coverage term of 20 years or up to 80 years old of age and contribution term as follows:

    Contribution Term Minimum Sum Covered
    10 years or 20 years RM250,000
    Throughout Certificate Term


    Ziarah Plus Benefit

    Protect yourself and your loved ones while you are performing your holy pilgrimage or Umrah. We pay an additional 10% of Basic Sum Covered or maximum of RM50,000, whichever is lower, if any of the events below occur while you are performing Hajj or Umrah in Saudi Arabia:

    1. Death due to Heat Stroke, Stampede or Crush Injuries
    2. Death due to Fire in Public Building
    3. Death due to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-Cov)*

    *The MERS-Cov must be first diagnosed while in Saudi Arabia within 21 days returning from Saudi Arabia. If death occurs more than 21 days after leaving Saudi Arabia, this benefit is not payable.

    Enhance Your Protection with Riders

    You can attach the following riders to enhance your protection:

    • KritikalCare Essential provides coverage for 50 Critical Illnesses, including 3 most commonly diagnosed Critical Illnesses* such as stroke, heart attack and cancer.
    • KritikalCare Waiver is an additional protection. The contribution will be waived in the event you are diagnosed with any one of the 50 Critical Illnesses covered.


    *Source: “Critical Planning.” The Star, 2014.

  • Why should I choose this plan?

    Hajj by Proxy, Qurban, Waqaf and Charity

    Shariah-Compliant Contribution Gateway

    Flexible Contribution channel

    image_icon_Family Hero_Hajj

    As an added value to your Takaful coverage, you may supplement your plan in association with Amanah Raya Berhad to achieve spiritual objectives.

    image_icon_Family Hero_Shariah

    With our brand new contribution gateway – PayHalal, rest assured that there are no elements of Riba’ (usury) and Gharar (unknown consequences).

    image_icon_Family Hero_Flexible Contribution

    You can now make your contribution through multiple channels such as cheque, easy pay, bank standing instruction, BSN Giro, internet banking, auto debit/ direct debit or simply walk into any Zurich Takaful  branch to make your contributions over the counter.

  • How does this plan work?
  • Who is eligible for this plan?
    The minimum entry age for Takaful Family Hero is 14 days old and maximum entry age is up to 70 years old, subject to the coverage term and contribution term.
    However, the Participant must be at least 16 years old.
  • Where can I get more information?
  • Contact us.

Zurich Takaful operates under the principle of Wakalah, whereby the Takaful Operator acts as an agent to the Participant for managing the operations of the Takaful business. A Wakalah Fee will be charged up-front from the contributions paid. Tabarru’ (donation) will be deducted to the Participant Risk Investment Account (PRIA), where it will be used for mutual aid and assistance, based on the concept of Takaful. The benefits are paid from the PRIA only upon a covered loss, and not upon maturity or surrender of the certificate. Surplus Sharing (if any) at the end of each financial year will be shared between the Participant and Zurich Takaful at a 50:50 ratio based on Hibah contract. The investment profit earned on the Participant Investment Account (PIA) is derived from the return on underlying assets and Zurich Takaful charges a Wakalah Tharawat Fee (Fund Management Fee) for managing these assets. The investment risk in PIA is fully borne by the Participant. 100% of investment profit earned, net of tax, less the aforementioned Wakalah Tharawat Fee will remain in the PIA for the benefit of the Participant. There will be no further sharing of the investment profit arising in the PIA with Shareholders.

  • Apakah manfaat yang saya perolehi?

    Bayaran Perlindungan Setinggi 400% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas

    Jika Kematian atau Hilang Upaya Keseluruhan dan Kekal berlaku, Takaful Family Hero akan memberi perlindungan seperti berikut:

    Manfaat Manfaat Dibayar
    Kematian atau Hilang Upaya Keseluruhan dan Kekal¹ (HUKK)

    100% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas atau Nilai Akaun Pelaburan Peserta, yang mana lebih tinggi

    ¹Manfaat HUKK hanya sah sehingga usia 75 untuk Orang Yang Dilindungi.

    Jika kematian akibat kemalangan berlaku, manfaat seperti berikut akan dibayar:

    Manfaat Manfaat Dibayar
    Kematian Akibat Kemalangan Pengangkutan Awam2

    Manfaat Kematian + 100% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas

    Kematian Akibat Kemalangan di Luar Negara3 Manfaat Kematian + 100% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas
    Kematian Akibat Kemalangan Balik Kampung4 Manfaat Kematian + 200% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas
    Kematian Akibat Kemalangan Haji5

    Manfaat Kematian + 300% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas

    2 Sekiranya berlaku kematian Orang yang Dilindungi dalam tempoh 365 hari daripada tarikh kemalangan dengan menggunakan Pengangkutan Awam.

    3 Sekiranya berlaku kematian Orang yang Dilindungi dalam tempoh 365 hari daripada tarikh kemalangan semasa melancong ke luar negara dan tidak melebihi 90 hari berturut-turut untuk setiap perjalanan.

    Sekiranya berlaku kematian Orang yang Dilindungi dalam tempoh 365 hari daripada tarikh kemalangan semasa Cuti Umum Malaysia dan di mana-mana Lebuhraya Tol yang beroperasi.


    i. Sekiranya berlaku kematian Orang Yang Dilindungi dalam tempoh 365 hari daripada tarikh kemalangan semasa menunaikan Rukun-Rukun Haji yang merujuk kepada Wukuf di Arafah, Tawaf dalam Masjidil Haram dan Sa’ie di antara Bukit Safa dan Marwah.

    ii. Apabila Orang Yang Dilindungi telah menunaikan Haji di mana Manfaat Kematian akibat Kemalangan Haji tidak berkenaan kepada Orang Yang Dilindungi; ataupun Orang Yang Dilindungi bukan beragama Islam, kami akan menggantikan Manfaat Kematian akibat Kemalangan Haji dengan Manfaat Kematian akibat Kemalangan di Luar Negara yang dinyatakan di atas, dengan tambahan 100% Jumlah Perlindungan Asas.

    *Nota: Hanya manfaat kematian yang tertinggi akan dibayar.

    Manfaat Pemulihan Tahunan Hilang Upaya Keseluruhan dan Kekal (HUKK)

    Jika anda mengalami HUKK, 5% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas akan dibayar selama 10 tahun untuk mengurangkan beban kewangan anda.

    Hak Istimewa Penjagaan Keluarga

    Berikan jaminan gaya hidup yang diingini untuk orang tersayang anda, walaupun anda tiada lagi berada di sisi mereka. Sehingga 4 pasangan dan anak anda yang sah layak untuk menyertai pelan takaful keluarga Zurich dengan perlindungan sehingga 25% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas, tertakluk kepada RM300,000 Jumlah Perlindungan Asas bagi setiap hayat, tanpa sebarang taja jamin*.

    *Tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat.

    Tiada Pemeriksaan Perubatan Diperlukan

    Anda boleh mendapatkan perlindungan sehingga RM1,500,000 tanpa pemeriksaan kesihatan*.

    *Bergantung kepada usia dan keadaan kesihatan Orang Yang Dilindungi

    Fleksibiliti Sesuai dengan Keperluan Anda

    Berdasarkan keperluan anda, anda boleh menentukan tempoh perlindungan selama 20 tahun atau sehingga 80 tahun dan tempoh caruman berdasarkan jadual berikut:

    Tempoh Caruman Jumlah Perlindungan Asas Minimum
    10 tahun atau 20 tahun RM250,000
    Sepanjang Tempoh Sijil


    Manfaat Ziarah Plus

    Melindungi anda dan orang tersayang semasa anda menunaikan Haji atau Umrah. Kami akan membayar tambahan 10% daripada Jumlah Perlindungan Asas atau maksimum RM50,000, yang mana lebih rendah, sekiranya berlaku mana-mana kejadian berikut sewaktu anda menunaikan Haji atau Umrah di Arab Saudi:

    1. Kematian akibat Strok Haba, Rempuhan atau Kecederaan akibat Himpitan
    2. Kematian akibat Kebakaran di dalam Bangunan Awam
    3. Kematian akibat Sindrom Pernafasan Coronavirus Timur Tengah (MERS-Cov)*

    * MERS-Cov mestilah didiagnosis awal semasa berada di Arab Saudi dalam tempoh 21 hari selepas pulang dari Arab Saudi. Jika kematian berlaku lebih daripada 21 hari selepas meninggalkan Arab Saudi, manfaat ini tidak akan dibayar.

    Mempertingkatkan Perlindungan Anda dengan Manfaat Tambahan

    Anda boleh menyertakan manfaat tambahan berikut bagi mempertingkatkan perlindungan anda:

    • KritikalCare Essential memberi perlindungan untuk 50 Penyakit Kritikal, termasuk 3 yang paling lazim didiagnosis* seperti strok, serangan jantung dan kanser.
    • KritikalCare Waiver adalah perlindungan tambahan. Caruman akan dikecualikan sekiranya anda didiagnosis dengan mana-mana satu daripada 50 Penyakit Kritikal yang dilindungi.

    *Sumber: “Perancangan Kritikal” The Star, 2014.

  • Kenapa saya perlu pilih pelan ini?

    Badal Haji, Korban, Wakaf dan Kebajikan

    Gateway Pembuatan Caruman Patuh Shariah

    Saluran Caruman yang Fleksibel

    image_icon_Family Hero_Hajj

    Sebagai perkhidmatan tambahan kepada perlindungan takaful anda, anda boleh melengkapi pelan anda dengan kerjasama Amanah Raya Berhad untuk mencapai objektif kerohanian anda.

    image_icon_Family Hero_Shariah

    Memperkenalkan kaedah caruman baharu – PayHalal. Dengan kaedah caruman baru ini, anda dapat mengelakkan unsur Riba’ dan Gharar.

    image_icon_Family Hero_Flexible Contribution

    Anda boleh mencarum melalui pelbagai saluran seperti cek, easy pay, perintah arahan tetap dari bank, BSN Giro, perbankan internet, auto debit / direct debit atau mengunjungi mana-mana cawangan Zurich Takaful  untuk membuat caruman di kaunter.

  • Bagaimanakah pelan ini berfungsi?
  • Apakah syarat kelayakan menyertai pelan ini?
    Usia penyertaan minimum untuk pelan ini adalah 14 hari dan usia penyertaan maksimum adalah sehingga 70 tahun, tertakluk kepada tempoh perlindungan dan tempoh caruman. Namun begitu, Peserta mestilah berusia sekurang-kurangnya 16 tahun.
  • Di manakah saya boleh mendapat lebih maklumat?
  • Hubungi kami.

Zurich Takaful beroperasi di bawah prinsip Wakalah di mana Pengendali Takaful selaku agen mengendalikan operasi perniagaan Takaful kepada Peserta. Yuran Wakalah akan dikenakan sekali bersama dengan caruman yang dibayar. Jumlah Tabarru’ akan dimasukkan ke dalam Akaun Pelaburan Risiko Peserta (APRP / Participant Risk Investment Account) di mana ia akan digunakan untuk membantu Peserta lain berdasarkan Konsep Takaful. Manfaat akan dibayar daripada APRP hanya untuk kerugian yang dilindungi, dan bukanlah semasa Sijil matang atau penyerahan Sijil. Lebihan pada setiap akhir tahun kewangan (jika ada) akan dikongsi di antara Peserta dan Zurich Takaful mengikut nisbah 50:50 berdasarkan kontrak Hibah. Keuntungan daripada pelaburan yang diperolehi daripada Akaun Pelaburan Peserta (APP / Participant Investment Account) adalah berdasarkan kepadaaset yang disandarkan dan Zurich Takaful akan mengenakan bayaran Yuran Wakalah Tharawat (Yuran Pengurusan Dana) untuk menguruskan aset tersebut. Risiko pelaburan di dalam APP ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh Peserta. 100% keuntungan pelaburan selepas cukai akan kekal di dalam APP untuk manfaat Peserta. Tiada perkongsian ke atas sebarang keuntungan yang ada di dalam APP dengan pemegang saham.

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