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Life Insurance Claims

Group and Individual Life Insurance Claim

You'll need to attach certain documents to complete your submission. For more information, please download:

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  2. List of Required Documents - Individual Life Claims

Medical Insurance Claim

You'll need to attach certain documents to complete your submission. For more information, please download:

  1. List of Required Documents - Medical Claims

Life Insurance Policy Services

Family Takaful Certificate Services

Absolute Assignment

By filling written notice satisfactory to the Company, the Participant may assign this Certificate. The Company shall not be considered to have knowledge of an assignment unless the original or duplicate thereof is filed with the Company. Once the certificate moneys, wholly or partly, have been pledged as security or assigned to a person, the claim of the person entitled under the security or assignee shall have priority over the claim of the nominee are subject to the rights under the security or the assignment being preserved. The appointed assignee must be an individual (adult) and authorised financial institution / non-financial institution.

  • Absolute Assignment Form
  • RM 10.00 for stamping document
  • Copy of Identity Card / Current passport Assignee's (Individual)
  • Letter of authority / mandate authorizing person(s) to represent the entity or authorized person(s) identification (to be certified by either a Company Secretary, an Advocate & Solicitor or a Commissioner for oaths)
Change in Contribution Mode

Change in contribution payment mode is allowed at the next contribution due date. For Standing Instruction, Participant should need to advise the bank on any changes in contribution.

Change in Fund / Contribution Re-direction

The choices of fund into which the contribution are directed can be changed at any time. Processing fee is charged RM 50.00 per transaction by cancelling units (subject to plan). Change will take effect on the next regular contribution due date.

Change in Regular Contribution

Change in regular contribution is allowed at any time. The minimum regular contribution amount is RM 50.00

Change in Regular Top-up (Takaful Saver)

Change in regular top-up is allowed at any time. The minimum regular top-up amount is RM 10.00

Change of Contact Details

The Participant may request to change the following details:

  • Mobile / Residence / Office No.
  • E-mail Address
  • Correspondence address
Change of Signature

In the event of participant unable to sign or remember the signature signed in application form, he / she may request to change of signature.

  • Request For Change Form (Without Contribution Adjustment)
  • Note: the request to change of signature is required to be declared at any nearest Zurich Takaful branches and the form has to be witnessed by one of the following personnel for process identification.
    • Marketing Regional Head
    • Marketing Head
    • Branch Personnel
    • Servicing Wealth Planner
    • Agency Manager (Immediate leader of Servicing Wealth Planner)
    • Chief Agency Manager (Highest leader of Servicing Wealth Planner)
Decrease in Basic and Rider Sum Covered

Participant may opt to reduce his / her basic or rider Sum Covered at any time. The change will take effect on next takaful charge next due date.

Deletion in Rider(s)

Optional Rider(s) attached to the basic Certificate may be deleted at the Next Contribution / Takaful Charge due date. However, package riders are not allowed to be deleted on request basis.

Duplicate Certificate (loss of original Certificate)

When a Certificate Contract is lost beyond hope to recovery, or is wholly destroyed, the Participant can apply for a duplicate Certificate.

Addition of Rider(s)

Optional Rider(s) may be attached to the basic Certificate which is currently in force, subject to its eligibility and Company’s rules.

*Addition of rider(s) is subject to Underwriting assessment.

Increase in Basic and Rider Sum Covered

Participant may opt to increase his / her basic or rider Sum Covered at any time. The change will take effect on next takaful charge next due date.

*Addition of reder(s) is subject to Underwriting assessment.

Irregular Top-Up (Additional Contribution)

The participant may one-off-top up at certificate inception and any time after Certificate is purchased. Any additional contribution shall be allocated to the Zurich Takaful Funds as stated in the Top-Up Application Form. Top up Contribution is subject to Service Fee of 5% and Additional Fee of RM 25.00 per top up transaction applicable to selective plan.

Nomination (Hibah)

Gift of certificate moneys to loved ones made during the Participant’s / Certificate Owner’s lifetime. Giving one’s wealth to others without the expectation of any replacement or exchange with the transferring effect on the ownership during lifetime or executed upon death. It is applicable either to family members (legal heirs) or members who are not entitled to inheritance. Hibah is applicable to adult and juvenile. Hibah is also applicable for both Muslim and Non-Muslim. As for juvenile, Participant must appoint the trustee (adult).

Nomination (Wasi)

A nomination made by Participant to his / her nominee with the intention to appoint him/her as the Executor. The person(s) named can only act as an administrator / executor (Wasi) who will be responsible for distributing the person covered’s monies to the rightful heirs in accordance to the Faraid Law (Distribution Law for Muslim) Page 6 of 8 or Distribution Act 1958; as amended by the Distribution (Amendment) Act 1997 for Non-Muslim. Wasi is applicable to adult or authorised public trustee.


If a contribution in default beyond the grace period and the Certificate has not attained cash value, the Certificate is said to have lapsed.

Certificate may be reinstated within six (6) months up to five (5) years from the Lapse date depending on the plan. Note: Subject to Underwriting assessment.

Reinstatement fee is charged RM 50.00 per transaction (subject to plan) 

SPM Allowance

For Takafulink Education plan, participant is eligible to claim the SPM allowance for the SPM exam result. The Certificate effective date should be prior to the exam date and the certificate should be inforced until current date.

5As – RM 500.00

8As – RM 1,000.00

  • Letter signed by Participant
  • Certified True Copy of exam result’s slip
  • Copy of Identity Card / Current passport Participant
  • Copy of Account Statement / Copy of Account Passbook
Switching of Units (Transfer of Units)

Participant may instruct the company to switch all or some of the allocated Units of the Investment Account in a particular Zurich Takaful Fund to another Zurich Takaful Fund. The election of such switch is subject to fees, charges and conditions that the Company may impose from time to time. One free switch is available every year. Subsequent switches incur a processing fee of RM 50.00 per switch by cancelling units.

Self-Certification Form of Tax Residency (Individual and Entity)

Individual or Entities who declared Tax status as Foreign Tax Resident.

Consent to Marketing & Promotional information

Participant may give the consent to company to process personal data for marketing purposes.

Family Takaful Claims